Business Process Consulting

Meeting Your Needs

Leveraging on our expertise in IT and value-based approach, Suite of Methodologies, MTC Global helps organizations to identify and address key business priorities by improving the business processes. We leverage on our strong business and IT knowledge, and a tested and proven methodology to help organizations achieve their efficiency, effectiveness and agility in the process improvement initiatives. We ensure that all process improvement initiatives result in the delivery of quantifiable business value.

Business Consulting Services

  • Business Process Improvement Consulting Services – Business processes form the core of an organisation’s operations and determines the organisation’s year on year cost and efficiency. To stay competitive and relevant, business processes must be efficient, effective, agile, and align to the organisation’s mission, vision and strategic objectives.  Process improvement is the key initiative that ensures organizations have the capacity and capability to create higher business value.

    MTC Global helps our customers to improve the overall performance of the organisations and address key business challenges. We review, analyse and streamline or re-engineer key business processes, and adopt a process-oriented view to help customers identify ways to improve key business processes through the use of IT.

    We offer a wide range of process improvement solutions based on industry best practices under the following 6 services:
    • Process Capability Development – We help customers to assess their process capability development needs, develop a capability development plan and conduct experiential learning workshop to equip the participants with basic Process Re-engineering for Value (PRV) skills
    • Process Review – We help customers review existing business processes for alignment to their organisation’s strategic objectives as well as highlighting areas for further streamlining to increase efficiency, effectiveness and customer agility
    • Process Improvement – In the assessment of current processes, we help customers to identify and prioritise opportunities for improvements and define the relevant “to-be” processes for improving overall business performance and value
    • Process Management – We help customers manage their processes by tracking the level of process compliance, monitor its results versus pre-determined targets and make adjustments to improve performance
    • Process Re-engineering – We help customers achieve critical breakthrough in performance through radical re-engineering of the key processes. The impact of the re-engineered processes to other organisation components such as existing policies
    • Process Readiness Diagnostics – We help to assess customers’ readiness to operate the new processes and measure periodic progress through web-based diagnostics tools
  • Organisation Change Management (OCM) Consulting Services – Businesses are constantly changing in response to internal or external stimuli. Some business transformation (or change management) programmes are successful while others barely deliver the promised business value despite the disproportionate amount of effort put into these business transformation programmes. 

At MTC Global, we offer a structured and disciplined approach to effectively help organisations enhance effectiveness, increase efficiency and improve agility to ensure smooth transition and better manage the transformation that they are embarking on as a result of changes due to mergers, acquisitions, re-organisation, process changes or implementation of new IT systems.  

In MTC Global, we adopt a holistic and systematic approach in managing transformations. Regardless of the trigger for change, we assess the implication of change to all the critical organisation components and then work with our customers to define a comprehensive roadmap to help them through the transition stage by stage. We pay particular attention to the stakeholders of the transformation – identifying and engaging them interactively right from the start of the change.

We offer change management solutions that cater to the different needs of organisations under the following 6 services:

  • Stakeholder Development – We help customers identify, analyse and define customised programmes to develop the different groups of stakeholders according to their respective change roles
  • Transition Experience Management – We help customers develop plans to generate excitement and encourage buy-in of the change by creating a positive experience through interactive and high profile events and activities
  • Communications Management – We help customers develop a communications plan that delivers the right messages using the right mediums at the right time to the right people
  • Organisational/HR Alignment – We provide recommendations for customers to align organisational structure, culture and human resource processes and policies critical to support the desired future state
  • Capability Development – We equip customers’ key stakeholders and change team with change management skills and knowledge to drive, support and sustain change efforts
  • Transition Readiness Diagnostic – We help to assess customers’ readiness for change and measure periodic progress through web-based diagnostic tools

Our Experience

MTC Global has helped many customers generate business value from business changes through our focus on the things that matter and systematically manage large-scale transformations they are embarking on. They have benefited through leveraging on our strengths in consulting services, which include :

  • Our MTC Global proprietary and structured consulting approach ensures value-based outcomes
  • Expert advice with our extensive and in-depth knowledge of public and private industries and trends
  • Our experience with large scale and multi-agencies consulting project locally and overseas to ensure smooth project delivery
  • Our expertise in IT to generate innovative ideas
  • Quality Business Consulting services with a pool of experienced consultants
  • Establishment of long-term partnerships by enabling customers with concept for continual improvement