Our years of building complex engineering solutions have led us to develop deep expertise in a number of horizontal technology areas. These are now formalized as technological competency centers that enable our teams to develop, integrate and support best of breed solutions and practices. From expert advice in implementing leading off-the-shelf packages for ERP, Portals and eCommerce, to EPAM-developed accelerators that dramatically improve time-to-market in CRM and distribution, EPAM can offer a compelling value in a number of solutions areas

Business Process Consulting

Today’s successful business runs on actionable intelligence, not just information. From operational analysis to advanced forecasting and decision support, Business Intelligence systems span a wide range of needs and capabilities. Organizations that can leverage their BI platforms to empower business users with on-demand intelligence are able to support better analytics and deliver more relevant information. For those who struggle with integrating BI initiatives, the loss in opportunity is just as significant.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud takes a variety of forms, combining technologies, solutions, and consumption models to help you create and leverage an agile, efficient, and cost-effective infrastructure for delivering SLA-based services. Some organizations are building a private cloud, while others use public cloud options for less critical applications and data, and potentially lower cost. More often than not, solutions are being architected for hybrid clouds that can provide the flexibility to locate data where it makes sense, making data mobile and therefore accessible wherever and whenever needed.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Implementing new systems and solutions is a complex business and requires the right level of expertise and attention to keep things simple and maximize success. At MTC Global we focus on delivering projects in the most innovative way possible, utilising agile teams of highly experienced consultants and working in close partnership with our customers. We are focused on delivering best of breed ideas, knowledge and expertise.

Big Data

In today’s information age, data is being generated at record breaking speed. Companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Wal-Mart produce more data on a daily basis than many organizations have ever generated; and this data is continuing to explode as technology advances and collection methods improve.