Partnering with Anaplan and ERP’s to drive innovation and business value

Innovation and business value are at the heart of our work in delivering buisness solutions to clients worldwide. ERP implementations are not just about technology, but about business—improving business processes and performance to deliver results. Across industries, we partner with Anaplan to help clients streamline processes, more effectively manage assets, move to the cloud, introduce mobile technologies, better comply with regulation and more.

Our work is designed to meet each client’s unique business needs. For example, we work with Manufacturers and Oil and Gas companies to better run their operations; Governments and Health to improve their services to constituents and patients; Utilities to optimise their supply chains; and Transportation and logistics companies to move to cloud-based billing. We support a wide range of ERP-based solutions to address industry-specific challenges and position our clients ahead of the competition.

Cloud implementation and support (Anaplan)

Our Implementation Services represent the Implementation Phase of our Service Methodology. The Implementation Phase is where your company will actually begin to realize the benefits of Cloud Computing and where the implementation of your business strategy utilizing a Cloud will reduce your TCO and improve your business responsiveness to the ever-changing conditions in the environment.

System Study and Business Process Improvement

Business Process Management (BPM) is a holistic approach to aligning an organization’s business processes to the needs of the organization and its customers. It involves continuous improvement through optimizing processes and systems and enhancing human performance. The adoption of business process improvement strategies is currently a concern of most organizations. The use of approaches to quality and service improvement and the quest for the benefits of this improvement on resource optimization enables organizations to achieve business objectives.

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP implementation planning requires ERP experts who know your industry, know the ERP software chosen, and what it takes to get it implemented on time and on budget. But perhaps most important is finding ERP experts who have what it takes to ensure your organization actually realizes all the business benefits it should from the system. Panorama is just that level of ERP expert. Our ERP implementation planning service not only helps ensure that the system is implemented correctly but that the technology helps the business transform into the very best version of itself

Big Data and Analytics

Whether you‘re just starting with big data or simply need assistance implementing new requirements, MTC Global is ready to help. Our big data implementation services experts will assist you in the planning, requirements, architecture, design and implementation of big data technologies to support your business intelligence goals. MTC Global can both conceptualize and implement solutions that orchestrate and execute the entire process of big data management.